Would you recommend In Motion Physical Therapy?

“Many Physical Therapists have you do a couple of leg raises, ice and see you in a couple of days. In Motion PT tends to your individual injury and once it feels a bit better they determine and evaluate where the weakness is and teach you how to strengthen it and prevent it from occurring again. We have been with In Motion PT for over a year and half. With our kids in gymnastics and soccer accidents are inevitable, however, their accidents have been minor ones. In Motion has taught them how to improve their overall strength, change direction properly, dynamic warm-ups, and improve their balance . Not only did my kids return to their sports but, faster than their doctors have predicted! I would definitely recommend In Motion PT to everyone whether old or young. All of the advice and motivational talks Laura gave to my daughter has inspired her to pursue the same career as Laura so that one day she may help others one day too! I have never heard of another office providing such care!”  – The Torres Family

 “Absolutely. Laura is outstanding! She will pinpoint your issues and will provide massages in the area of pain, then will put you through programs that work so well. If you’re looking for “The PT,” stop looking. You’re here!”  – Dennis G

 “Most nurses suffer from some kind of neck/back pain or injury. In Motion PT NY treated my back and foot  to the point where I am able to exercise most days and work without pain. They treat everyone with great care. True professionals!”  – EIleen S. RN, MS, FNP

 “Of course I would. If there is any athlete out there with the slightest bit of discomfort in their muscles, I would recommend them to In Motion. In Motion has saved my life!”-Hamo D. (Baseball At St. Joe’s)

 “Absolutely. The staff is very pleasant and accommodating. Plus, my pain has decreased.”    – New Patient

 “In Motion Physical Therapy saved me from shoulder surgery. The best!”  – Jennifer E. (Runner and Crossfit)

 “The convenient location is so helpful because I can come right after gym! My pain level before In Motion was a seven and now I have zero pain!”  – Sarah A. (Level 10 Gymnast)

 “Laura has helped me drastically with not only my ankle injury but she also strengthened my muscles to prevent further injury. I have been going to In Motion for about two months and already I saw an immediate change! I believe the care and personal one-on-one treatment you receive from In Motion is better than any other physical therapist I’ve been too!”   – Dyllan (Football and Basketball)

“Absolutely friendly and effective!”  – Steven

“I began treatment in the winter/late fall of 2015. I have made a lot of progress since. I went from not being able to put any pressure on my knee to being more flexible than before. I would definitely recommend all my friends and family to In motion. the experience is great and all the staff are excellent at what they do!” – Anonymous  

“I have gone to many pt’s over the years, no one was as attentive as laura. This is not a factory of patients. The manual massage and manipulation compiled with the exercises is certainly helping my injury” – Jerry g (Racquetball)

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