Frequently Asked Questions…

Do you accept Insurance?

Yes! If you contact the office, we will be able to verify your insurance benefits for you and notify you of your patient responsibility before your first visit.

We accept Medicare, No Fault, Worker’s Compensation and many more insurances. 

Do I need to have an injury?

NO! You can come to physical therapy to PREVENT an injury. A lot of injuries (especially overuse injuries) can be easily prevented with soft tissue work, an exercise/stretching program and balance training. We are able to do an assessment to determine each athlete’s risk for injury and prescribe an individualized program. We also offer recovery treatments to speed up muscle soreness and aches between games and practices.

Do I need to see a Medical Doctor before coming to Physical Therapy?

No! In New York State we have 10 visits or 30 days before requiring a prescription. The therapists here at IMPT will assess your condition and refer you to the appropriate medical professional if required.

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