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Welcome to In Motion Physical Therapy of NY!

The Physical Therapists at In Motion Physical Therapy of NY strive to provide the highest standard of care possible to each patient. Our policy of scheduling only two patients per hour is what allows us to focus and devote our full attention on each patient’s individual needs with minimal distractions. Having one-on-one sessions with the Physical Therapist ensures that our patient’s receive the most effective form of treatment, as well as the time and attention to educate them during each session. Our therapists are extremely knowledgeable and experienced in treating sports injuries, post-surgical injuries and even preventing future injuries and surgeries by correcting, strengthening, and easing the pain of any existing abnormalities and/or movement dysfunctions.

At the beginning of each session, a Functional Movement Assessment is performed. A Functional Movement Assessment is a screening process we use to help determine which specific areas need to be targeted and treated during that session. It is also useful as a way for us to measure each patient’s progress throughout the duration of their treatment.

Every detail of the patient’s medical history is accounted for and taken into consideration when we create their own individualized treatment plan. No two patients are treated exactly the same and our creativity in the way we design new exercises keeps PT fun and helps them stay on track! We only provide treatment that will benefit that patient specifically in the most efficient and safest way possible. Most of the exercises we instruct our patients to do, target multiple areas of the body which means the patient benefits the most by doing less!

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